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Productive and profitable Merino sheep breeding is a major focus of our business.  Our aim is to continually strive to develop a highly successful, vertically integrated wool production company.

The Cavan Station Merino flock has utilised industry leading genetics and breeding technologies to achieve production goals that deliver positive results in benchmarking and wether trial comparisons.  Our classing and genetic selection has been capably overseen by Malcolm Peake for the past 15 years.

The flocks average fibre diameter is around 18.5 micron produced on sheep with good frame.  Greasy fleece weight is high relative to our micron making our flock profitable and our surplus sheep well sought after by re-stockers.

A proportion of our older ewes are joined to Tattykeel and Barwon Poll Dorset rams to produce good growthy first cross meat lambs.

All our animals are raised to best management practices and the highest standards of animal ethics.

Delivery Point: Cavan Station, Wee Jasper Road, 27 km from Yass. No B Double access to the property.  Access for B Doubles from Yass.

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