Bogo Merinos

Bogo Merino and Poll Merino Stud was founded at Bookham in 1996 and has been managed very effectively by Mr Malcolm Peake since its inception.  The Bogo Merino Stud became part of the Cavan Station business in May 2014.

The breeding program at Bogo Merinos is aimed at producing long stapled, heavy cutting, soft handling, fine testing wool on a good framed, plain bodied, fast growing, fertile animal.  Our breeding objective is weighted towards the traits that have most influence on profitability.  Therefore most emphasis is placed on increasing fleece weight while reducing micron, staple strength, body weight and fast early growth rates.  Use of objective measurement, production indexes and ASBV's has been paramount to placing as much pressure on selection for these traits.

Fertility has also been a focus with scanned empty ewes discarded from the stud ensuring the percentage of "dry" ewes each year is declining. 

Proof that the breeding program is working and that these benefits are passing on to client flocks can be assesssed by studying our bloodline results in wether trials and high accuracy bloodline comparisons over the last 15 years.  See the Bogo Merinos website for more details -->