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The Cavan Station cow herd was originally founded on the Poll Hereford breed.  Changes in market conditions in the Australian beef industry lead to the introduction of Angus bulls about ten years ago.

Recently it has been decided to focus the herd specifically towards pure Angus beef production with an emphasis on grass finishing progeny as the season permits. We are currently in the herd re-structuring and rebuilding phase focusing on using Millah Murrah and Rennylea Angus genetics to build an even, consistent and productive cow herd.  We aim to breed moderate, easy doing structurally sound, fertile cattle with a quick maturity pattern that can be easily finished when pasture is available.  Growth, milk and fat EBV's are also a focus to achieve on farm production goals as well as the ability to perform in the feed yard and the processor.

Additional trade cattle are often bought in to grow out or finish if seasons permit and often grazed on grazing cereals grown along the river flats.  

Temperament is always a focus for us as quiet cattle do better and are safer for our staff to work with.  Yard weaning is just one of the practices we use to ensure the highest animal ethical production standards.

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